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... started while I was playing amateur league golf in Germany as a teenager. While other components were able to keep their head down and their score low, I started to develop my passion for golf course architecture by looking up and analyzing the strategy of the golf holes.

As a graduated landscape architect, it was thanks to my Erasmus scholarship at the University of Sheffield, that I was able to visit some of the best courses in the UK. The most natural but challenging courses were built with a lot of thought behind the holes and routing. The holes were skillfully placed in the landscape and made incredibly interesting by the strategy behind them. The greatest inspiration was the variety of shots and different routes to play a hole. This makes the course interesting and challenging for good golfers and nevertheless extremely playable for the member.


Having seen lots of golf courses, I was especially amazed by old courses that still stand the test of time and are most of the time more interesting than their newer neighbours. It clearly shows that building a great golf course isn’t about heavy machinery and 3D software, it is about the architect being on-site and designing something that evolves from the subtleties of the ground they inhabit.

My ideas and principals are shaped by reading golf books, traveling the world studying golf courses and getting mentored by the best living golf course architect.

Since 2011, I am working on construction projects for Tom Doak and the Renaissance Golf Design team, as well as other architects with an equal mindset, learning how golf courses are built at the highest level. Being out in the field, refining design ideas, putting those into the ground and watching the course come together is the biggest reward for anyone involved with the design-build process of a golf course and that’s why I love the work.

I’m excited about the opportunity to show what I have learned, as I shape and construct the courses I design to ensure my work is of the highest quality.

Angela Moser TGJ No 9
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